Wood Machining & Benchtops

We have the equipment & expertise to cover all aspects of wood machining.

Wood Machining

Slab Leveling & Surfacing | Cut & Dress | Benchtops | Stair Treads

We have the machinery and expertise to machine, sand, cut and dress your timber to any specifications for a precise, efficient and quality finish. Our 1300mm belt sander can handle all your wide slab surfacing.

As furniture makers, we understand the importance of quality timber preparation in providing the best foundations for a project. Our eye for detail ensures a premium finish.

We work with all residential and commercial clients from cabinet makers, fellow furniture makers and builders to DIY makers and hobbyists.

Timber Benchtops

Kitchen | Bathroom Vanity | Commercial Counters & Bars Built-in Joinery & Benches | Office & Desks

Timber benchtops add warmth, liveability and value to any space. They are durable, versatile, low maintenance and have a timeless beauty that wears in, not out. Solid timber can be re-sanded and finished at any points in it’s lifetime making it time-defying in it’s longevity.

We can guide you through the many varieties of timber to choose from, so you can architect the tone and functionality you want for your home and space.

We also stock a range of hand selected quality slabs and timber and can help you select the perfect piece for your project using our years of experience and knowledge.

Stair Treads

We machine and prepare stair treads for all residential and commercial clients to any size and specifications.

We can supply you with cut to size, drum sanded tread blanks or offer a completed finish, sanded and polished tread ready for installation.