Why Custom

Owning a Custom Built Piece is unparallel to any mass-produced item.
It’s personal and we believe it matters.

Undoubtedly, one of the main benefits of having custom made furniture or cabinetry is the flexibility you have when choosing what’s right for you and your space.

It is achieved through good understanding and communication between client and maker to find the best solutions.

Custom built products can optimise use of space and functionality. You may want a bench top or dining table with extra height or a storage unit that fits perfectly into a space. The options are endless and unique to you.

It also creates more meaning, to you and your living. Owning a custom built product can be sentimental. Through good communication and understanding between client and maker, you get the opportunity to craft exactly what you want. The process and outcome is unparallel to purchasing a mass-produced item. You can see where and who is building your product as well as knowing the origin of your materials. It’s personal and we believe it matters.

Does it cost more to have it custom built?

The cost of custom products and services are determined by various factors such as what materials are used, the time it takes to make and the level of labour involved.

Producing a one off item by hand will never be able to compete with mass-produced products, but sometimes the gap between prices can be smaller than you think.

One of the advantages to custom-built products is that we cater to your budget. Some variables that are taken into account when determining prices are;


The price between solid timber varieties, veneers, plywoods, substrates, finishes etc will determine the cost of your job. We discuss what will be suitable for your needs, style and budget.


The time it takes to build the job and the level of detail. You can choose how much detail, and therefore time and labour, that goes into your piece. Pieces that have more detail, crafted joins or inlays for instance will take more time than a job that has more simplified methods. Likewise, building drawers, involves more time and materials than cupboards do. It comes down to what’s going to work best for you and your budget. Together we talk through all the options to get the best outcome for you.


Do you already have plans for your kitchen/storage ideas or need to engage a designer? Good design is fundamental in creating any great product, which is why we collaborate with our preferred architects and designers when needed. From whole house fit-outs to a boutique kitchen, we have seen the many benefits of designer/s and makers working closely together. We believe investing in getting the planning and design stages right at the beginning will save time and costs for seamless manufacturing and installation.


The time and labour it takes to custom fit the job onsite. The installation of a custom built-in project is an important stage for a successful job. It takes time to ensure we have it working/fitting seamlessly and we take all measures to ensure we get it just right.


Having the same product built in batches can reduce the cost of labour and materials per unit. This is often the case in commercial jobs that require multiple tables, bench seats or custom stair treads where the process is many of the same.

How Long Does a Custom Job Take?

We generally have a three month lead-time.
This can vary according to current workshop production and projects.

Find out more about the process of ordering here.