A Project Close To Home

A Project Close To Home

After the many beautiful kitchens we have built at raw edge furniture, this project was one that I have been wanting to do for a very long time – designing and building our very own kitchen. When the time finally arrived, we found ourselves completely overwhelmed by the choices, decisions and many possibilities. Ironically, the toughest decision was what timber to use in our feature island bench. I now realised what it was like to be a client!

Being the wood lover that I am and years of working with many different timbers, you may think that choosing the type of timber for our kitchen would be an easy decision – that I would a have a favourite one that I always wanted to have in my own home. But it was really tough – my wife and I tossed and turned over the options for what felt like months.

We finally decided on Wandoo and we have been so happy with our choice with its warm walnut colour and clean, sleek feature. Being a hard wood it will also endure the hard wear and tear from living with a young family. Wandoo has also been used as trim on our stainless steel back bench and shelving, tying it together nicely.

Admittedly, it is still a work in progress – finishing touches still need to be done, cabinets still need to be installed. But you know how it goes when you lead a busy life and it is your own project

– always the last on the list. But for the moment, what a joy it is everyday to finally enjoy our own lovely hand built kitchen.