1000 new inspirations

1000 new inspirations

It is so inspiring to see more eco-friendly products being marketing amongst the furniture design scene. It gives me hope that the true craft and respect of what nature can provide is not lost and better still is sustainable.

I must confess, salvaging bits of timber from it’s previous past lives, whether it be from an old wharf, someones house or a scrap heap, is an obsession that is deeply rewarding to me.

The novelty never wears thin of bringing recycled timber back to life again and reinventing it’s purpose and beauty. It’s the sort of stuff you want around you, living and breathing, in spaces that are meant to be full of life and joy. It makes sense.

So I get so excited when I see beautiful books like ‘1000 new eco designs’. This one was given to me from a good friend who knew that I would love it.

Maybe it was the really nice raw stock of the brown cover with the clean graphics, or the crisp spacious white pages inside with beautiful furniture displayed…whatever it was it made me want to be a more eco-friendly furniture designer while keeping the furniture sophisticated, yet earthy. The furniture is fresh, innovative and modern while maintaining it’s sense of earthiness. If you see it on the bookshelves it’s worth a look at.